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Our know-how at the
service of your gardens

Maintenance is essential in a garden. It ensures its durability and the guarantee of preserving and enhancing the identity that the landscaper or yourself wish to give it.

Because it never stops evolving, our teams will adapt their interventions to the rhythm of your garden, following the seasons. We intervene in the seriousness and the discretion.

We ensure the maintenance of all types of gardens:

Private garden Condominium garden Public spaces

Regular maintenance


Regular maintenance:

Nova Jardins accompanies its customers throughout the year, via annual maintenance contracts or specific interventions.

Nova Jardins intervenes on several axes:

  • The maintenance of lawns: simple mowing, scarification, fertilization, reseeding.
  • Maintenance of trees and plants: maintenance, ornamental and restructuring pruning.
  • Treatments: phytopharmaceutical or biological, according to the agreement PA 01 291.
  • Soil maintenance: hoeing, digging, scratching, weeding, fertilizing and enriching.


Rehabilitation and restructuring:

Restoring a garden to its original appearance is a way to bring it back to the way it was when it was first created.

During a restoration, our teams will make sure to put forward all the key markers of the garden, and to give it back a balance while making sure to keep its visual identity and its volumes.

Restructuring can also be done prior to a redesign, allowing the existing elements to be combined with the project designed by your landscaper. Restoration can also be carried out before the sale of your property in order to improve the quality of your exterior for the future buyer at a lower cost.


Pruning / Felling / Sanitation:


Sanitation / Pruning / Felling :

The management of the tree patrimony is essential to the good development and the durability of your green spaces.

Our teams ensure a differentiated and specific management for each tree subject. Our equipment, coupled with our know-how, allows us to work in complete safety.

Pruning work can be done for training purposes or to secure a subject.

Sanitation work or sanitary pruning is carried out in response to phytosanitary problems.

Swimming pools

Pool Management:

Swimming pools are very present in our gardens. Delicate to maintain, Nova Jardins offers you a complete and personalized service of maintenance and follow-up of your swimming pool thanks to personalized maintenance contracts.

Our teams ensure the balance and stability of your water, allowing you to fully enjoy your pool, throughout the year. We can also advise and guide you in your projects of repair, modification or replacement of your pool.

Finally, we intervene according to your requests for the change or the repair of your filtration, heat pump, and many others.