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A know-how of more than 30 years.

In 1979 in Opio, Roland van Biervliet, a garden enthusiast, joined the world of landscaping with the opening of the company Nova Jardins.

Quickly, his ambition, his will, and the level of quality of his realizations led him to develop a pole exclusively dedicated to the installation and the maintenance of green spaces.

Over the years, he has surrounded himself with a team of loyal collaborators sharing the same level of requirement, the same vision and the same dynamism which reflect today the spirit and the quality of Nova Jardins’ achievements.

Through its deeply human and family character, Nova Jardins accompanies its customers throughout their projects, from the conception on plans to the development and maintenance.

Today, Nova Jardins works with a clientele of individuals, private companies and public administrations.

Very strongly implied in the life and the dynamism of our region, many communities granted us their confidence.

Roland van Biervliet


Founder and manager of Nova Jardins

Roland van Biervliet

It is in 1979 in Opio that Roland van Biervliet, a passionate of gardens, joined the universe of the landscape designers with the opening of the company Nova Jardins.