Versatility, the DNA
of our company.

Through our experience and our direct access to all trades, we can respond to all your requests, from the most simple to the most specific and authentic.

Our internal logistics ensure the rigor and smooth running of our sites. Our knowledge linked to our know-how allows us to assure you a result at the height of your ambitions.

Horticultural works


Soil preparation:

Soil preparation is an essential element to ensure the proper development and sustainability of your garden.

In an ecological and sustainable approach, we use natural and biological organic amendments to boost the biotic functioning of your soil, to make it more fertile and to ensure its long-term development.

To promote the development of the plants planted, we use natural fertilizers, 100% organic and biological.


In seeding or sod, we offer a wide choice of lawns, which will best suit your layout: Mediterranean mix, Ray Grass, fescue or bluegrass, to Kikuyu or Dichondra.

Planting and transplanting:

Our equipment and skills allow us to carry out all types of plantations with all types of plants, from annuals to exceptional subjects.

We adapt our plant palette according to your desires, and we advise you in the choice of plants best adapted to the climate and the environment.

The water

Automatic watering :

We offer complete irrigation systems, adapted to your landscaping and your species, from the creation of a borehole to the installation of an automatic watering system, until the plan of recolement.


Ponds and fountains :

The presence of water enhances life in a garden, as well as its biological diversity. Whether it is functional or aesthetic, Nova Jardins designs and realizes all types of ponds, natural or artificial, fountains and water games. Each of these aquatic installations allows to bring a personal and unique touch.

Landscape masonry


Earthworks :

Our fleet of construction machinery and equipment allows us to meet all your earthmoving needs, while adapting to your accessibility or relief constraints.

We also have the possibility of evacuating your earth, but also of reprocessing it.

Our earthworks will introduce your later developments, from the creation of landscaping, to the establishment of basins and swimming pools, to the foundation of walls and the profiling of land.

Riprap and rockery:

Rockfill can be used to meet multiple needs:

  • To overcome the constraints of unevenness, very common in our region,
  • To bring relief,
  • Fulfill support functions.

Riprap is also a decorative asset. They bring, through the aesthetics of the stones and their arrangement, a massive and “natural” dimension to the spaces they decorate. Nova Jardins realizes rockfill and landscape rock gardens in correlation with your needs and your layouts.

Landscaped walls and low walls:

Through the combined experience of our landscapers and masons, we create all types of landscape and/or functional walls.

Whether they are used for support, delimitation or even decoration, we design and build your walls and low walls in dry stone, concrete, coated or dressed with facing.

The lighting


Discover your garden under a different light. Lighting allows you to discover your garden at night. Certain types of lighting allow you to highlight exceptional trees or specific parts of your garden, creating a different ambiance and atmosphere.

Your lighting can also improve circulation and safety in your garden, so you can enjoy it to the fullest. Whether they have a functional or aesthetic role, we carry out all the lighting of your exteriors.




Fences ensure the integrity, security and delimitation of your property.

They ensure the finalization of your installations, and can bring a luxurious and prestigious personalized decorative touch.

Nova Jardins offers you several types of fences: hedges, defensive fences, phonic fences, anti-game fences.